Yamaha Motor has released popular priced-scooter for women called “Jeinasu” in Vietnam Market.

Yamaha Motor has announced, it will release new 125cc scooter for women called “Jeinasu” equipped with BLUE CORE engine from mid-August in Vietnam Market.
Jeinasu, popular priced scooter with its concept “basic scooter with Pride”, was developed for 20s women.It’s first model, which the company release into a market as popular price range, following the “ACRUZO” in the middle price range & “Nozza Grande” in the upmarket.

They adopted the design, a image of high-wheel model, that is popular in Europe. Equipped with both front and rear 14 inches tires & “BLUE CORE engine” to improve acceleration performance and fuel efficieny.

It’s third model for Vietnam market which equipped with BLUE CORE engine following “Nozza Grande” in 2015 and “ACRUZO” in 2014.

Due to adoption of a lightweight frame of the new design, they reduced the vehicle weight to 97KG, made maneuverability easier and securing the under-seat storage space of 14L can be stored 2 half-helmets + rainwear.

They also released “Jeinasu Deluxe” & “Jeinasu premium” with “stop-and-start system” ,which it automatically stop engine to save
gasoline consumption during signal stop, that company adopted the model for the first time, in addition to the “Jeinasu STD” in the standard model.
Moreover, “Jeinasu premium” is standardly installed “Smart key”

Yamaha Motor Vietnam, which is their corporate group will produce.

Jeinasu STD cost 27.49 million Vietnamese Dong & their sales plan is 100,000 vehicles per year.

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